Household Linens

Tablecloths and Table Linens

Fine table linens are an investment and can last generations if they’re cared for properly. Table linens can often be difficult to clean and finish at home because of their size, texture and fabrics that require special care. At Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning, we’ll take great care of your linens from pre-spotting to pressing. We can even treat many stains.


We clean your draperies with the highest level of care. We carefully examine your draperies before undertaking any cleaning procedures to inspect for wear and tear caused by sunlight, humidity or age. Because we know how important draperies are to your home’s decor, we discuss possible results with you before cleaning them so you know what to expect.

Bedspreads and Comforters

Professional cleaning of bedspreads and comforters keeps your bedding looking its best. We strongly recommend you bring all matching or coordinating items for cleaning at the same time.

Storage Tips

Be sure to store your linens in a well-ventilated place such as a linen closet. If you wrap your linens, use bags made of linen, cotton or muslin. Do not store linens in plastic bags, cardboard boxes or cedar chests.


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