How does Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning work?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

How much does it cost to preserve my wedding dress?2022-02-22T16:08:12-05:00

The cost of wedding dress cleaning and preservation varies, depending on the material and other factors. Contact us via our online form to request a more detailed estimate.

Need some stain tips?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

How soon after my wedding should I have my dress cleaned and preserved?2022-02-22T16:08:33-05:00

It’s best to have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved as soon after the wedding as possible. Generally speaking, within six months after your wedding is safe.

Can I get same-day service?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we do not offer same day service at any of our location at this time.

How should I store my dress after the wedding?2022-02-22T16:09:03-05:00

Keep your gown in a dark, dry place until you can bring it in for cleaning. Fold your dress or roll it in a clean white sheet rather than hanging it — hanging can stress the fabric and cause your dress to lose its shape.

Do not store your wedding dress in plastic! Plastic emits gases that will yellow the fabric.

Where do I bring my wedding dress for preservation?2022-02-22T16:09:53-05:00

You can bring your wedding dress to any of our convenient Charlotte locations. Find a location near you!

Can you get always get the spots and stains from my clothing?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Unfortunately, some stains simply can’t be removed, but our technicians are trained in the latest techniques and use the best stain removal chemicals. On the rare occasion we can’t get a spot out, we’ll let you know. We err on the side of caution, avoiding aggressive stain removal efforts to avoid damaging your fabrics.

Can I look at my dress after it is preserved?2022-02-22T16:10:17-05:00

Yes! That’s half the fun, right?

When you remove your dress from the box, keep in mind that your skin contains oils and salts that can damage delicate fabrics. Wash and dry your hands carefully before handling your dress or slip on a pair of clean, white cotton gloves.

Can I get clothes pressed if I don’t want them dry cleaned?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Yes, we’re happy to freshen them up by pressing and not cleaning. Let our store personnel know when you drop your clothes off and your garments will be marked accordingly.

How should I store my wedding dress after it has been cleaned?2022-02-22T16:10:41-05:00

We use special materials to protect your dress from exposure to moisture, dust, acidity and light. Another key to protecting your dress is storing it in the right location. We don’t recommend storing it in an attic or cellar, since extreme temperature and humidity can damage your dress. Instead, choose a storage place within your home – a hope chest or spacious closet.

Store the box flat. We’ve packed your dress so it won’t shift under normal circumstances, and flat storage keeps it from slipping or shifting. Inspect the box periodically to make sure your gown stays in pristine shape.

Do you offer fine finishing?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

While we use steam presses to finish most garments, we offer an additional level of service for items that we require extra TLC. Please let our store personnel know if you have a garment you would like fine finished.

How often should I have my clothes cleaned?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

If a garment has a spot, it’s best to bring that item to us as soon as possible. Let us know what kind of spot it is before the spot has time to set up. For general cleaning, most manufacturers and the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute recommend having your clothes cleaned every 3rd or 4th time they’re worn, depending on the activities for which you wear your garments.

Do you fold shirts?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Yes, and they look great once they’re put on to wear. This is the way many frequent travelers prefer to have their shirts finished. As always, just let our store personnel know when you drop off your shirts.

Do you clean and preserve wedding dresses?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Yes, see are our Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation section for more details.

Do you replace buttons and do minor mending at no charge?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

Yes. We work hard to not break buttons, but it happens on rare occasion. We always check for buttons before the garment is returned to the store. If a button is broken or missing, we’ll replace it at no charge. If we find minor mending that needs done, our alteration department will handle the mending — again at no charge.

Do you charge more for women’s clothes than men’s clothes?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

No, but on some occasions we encounter items with beads, fancy trim, lace or other elements that require special handling. In those cases, we charge a slight upcharge due to the time required to process these types of garments. We also occasionally encounter ladies blouses that do not fit our finishing press and require hand ironing. A small upcharge may apply due to the time involved.

Sometimes a garment is not included when I pick up my order. Why is that?2022-02-22T16:07:45-05:00

We always inspect items before we send them back to the stores. Occasionally we find a garment with a spot that has not come out or that needs to be cleaned again, so we may “split” that garment from your order for additional TLC. We do this so your other garments aren’t delayed.


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