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Restoration Drycleaning

Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning is fortunate to be associated with Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network. CRDN is a national network of local dry cleaners that specialize in restoration of clothes and textiles that have been damaged by smoke, fire, water and other disasters.

Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning operates under the name CRDN of Greater Charlotte. We provide restoration dry cleaning to a 13-county territory in and around Charlotte.

Contact CRDN of Greater Charlotte: (877) 326-7366

Clothing and fabric items comprise 23% of contents claims – the largest component

– need quote author

Benefits of Using CRDN of Greater Charlotte:

  • Prompt response – usually within one hour
  • On-site, room-by-room inventory
  • On-call service 24/7
  • Detailed report of restored and non-salvageable items
  • Rush service available to reduce Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
  • Secure storage and delivery to property owner

How CRDN of Greater Charlotte Serves the Insurance Industry

Insurance carriers can reduce the cost of contents claims by choosing a certified restoration dry cleaner.
CRDN of Greater Charlotte helps insurance professionals:

  • Reduce costs of contents claims
  • Close claims quickly
  • Achieve claims satisfaction

About the CRDN

The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN) is an international organization of textile restoration specialists serving the insurance industry, contractors/contents cleaning companies and property owners.

Garment Claims Tips for Insurance Professionals

  • Clearly explain the claims process to policyholders
  • Give policyholders an expectation of how long their garment restoration claim will take
  • Ensure claimants know who to contact with questions about their garment claim
  • Offer policyholders updates regarding their claims via email or the web

FAQ for Textile Restoration

Will you be able to save my clothing and personal items?
We have a 98% restoration success rate. Thanks to our many years of experience in restoration, we have a strong knowledge of what can be restored.

How is restoration drycleaning different from retail dry cleaning?
Textile restoration requires a unique approach that reflects the unique circumstances. Restoration jobs, involve specialized cleaning techniques, pre-treatment of spots, specially formulated solutions, pre- and post-cleaning inspection, and secure storage of claimants garments during the claims process.

Why is the process different for restoration drycleaning?
The restoration process typically involves large claims. Our goal is to minimize costs and help you process claims quickly. We’ve implemented detailed processes to meet these goals and provide necessary documentation.

Can you get the smoke out of my clothes?
While each case is unique, in many cases we’re able to completely remove the smell of smoke from clothing damaged in a fire.

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