Charlotte Dry Cleaners1 Dry Cleaning & Shirt ServiceDry Cleaning and Shirt Service

Look your best with professional dry cleaning. From shirts to suits, from skirts to party dresses, we can handle it all. With five South Charlotte locations, dry cleaning has never been more convenient.

Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning offers fine finishing to give you a distinguished look and a softer garment. Choose between folded shirts (ideal for travel!) or hangers to for a clean, professional appearance. Each shirt is inspected for broken buttons and spots.

Stain Removal and Stain Treatment

Don’t let spills and stains ruin your garments! We’ve gone toe-to-toe with some really tough stains. Before you toss those clothes in the Goodwill pile, let us see if we can remove the stains — our stain removal experts are almost always up to the job.

FREE Pick-Up and Delivery of Your Dry Cleaning

In a hurry? On the run? Dry cleaning delivery is perfect for your busy life. We offer FREE dry cleaning pick-up and delivery to most South Charlotte neighborhoods. Visit our dry cleaning delivery page to request service and to see if delivery is available to your area.

Express Drop Service

Skip the lines, skip the waiting. As an Express Drop customer, you’ll receive an Express garment bag so you can drop off your dry-cleaning without waiting in line. Simply drop your bag at the store and we’ll clean your garments to your specifications. Contact us to inquire about Express Drop service.